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What our satisfied homeowners have to say:

It's one thing to employ a company to remodel part of one's home, but we've actually hired Salem Remodeling two and a half times! The first job was a kitchen and bathroom remodel.  Since we weren't familiar with Salem Remodeling we asked two other companies to give us bids as well.  SR's bid wasn't the lowest, but the completeness and precision of the bid made sure that knew exactly what was being proposed and what it would cost.  SR was very easy to work with us--being willing to make last-minute changes as well as helping us to see why some of our bad ideas wouldn't work. A couple years later we called and asked SR to replace our front door.  (This is the one half mentioned earlier.)  Again all was done do our satisfaction. Finally, we decided to remodel / finish the major portion of our essentially unfinished basement.  There was no bidding this time--we knew SR would do a great job.  We were very much up-in-the-air as to just what we should do.  SR helped us by recommending people to help us with the conceptual design.  Ultimately, the job entailed, among other things, the reversal of the stairway, the addition of a bathroom when there had been no bathroom in the basement before, and the creation of a bedroom with and alternate fire escape route--all major challenges.  SR came through again.  The experience was actually quite pleasent.  Everyone involved in the work was completely professional and willing to work with us on any detail, no matter how trivial.
-- Steve and Marylin Prothero

Salem Remodeling completed a total house interior remodel and several smaller exterior projects.  They were on time, on budget, and true craftsmen with innovative solutions. We found them to be very trustworthy and a company that backs up their commitments.
-- Janet Taylor






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